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Pt that posture is a, “somewhat neglected albeit active area of interest in urogynecology”. viagra price pharmacy How hard would it be to look for clinical evidence of the role of posture in supporting pelvic organs? If it was proved that the pubic symphysis could (or did) carry much of the vertical load of the prolapsing uterus and bladder, would that change the anatomic concepts of the day? viagra discount sales I am not sure that the anatomic concepts of the day are wrong, simply incomplete. The configuration of the pelvic region and its organs when a woman is vertical is quite different from when she is recumbent like the cadavers on which our anatomical drawings are based. I think only good medical images or examination of active, vertical women with living, working muscles would provide information on the role of the pubic symphysis (arch? cheap viagra online ) in supporting the uterus and bladder. viagra for women research Simply rotating the picture to represent vertical orientation does not account for the semi-liquid behaviour of pelvic organs and how they move over each other in the pelvic cavity. Btw, i agree. viagra for sale The women would be much more comfortable if dr pancoast kept his hands to himself! viagra soft tabs 5mg Admin august 25, 2009 at 9:27 pm (utc 0) reply you may be pleased to learn that much of contemporary anatomic renderings are indeed based on vertical imaging of living women using high-def sonography and dynamic mri – women with and without prolapse, with and without incontinence – most revealing. viagra in the uk boots Your concept of the pubic symphysis as a supportive shelf for the uterus is interesting. Having examined many women in the standing and upright seated position, both with and without prolapse, i am not sure that clinicians or dynamic radiologists who benefit from such a realtime-real life perspective share the belief that the boney symphysis plays any role in direct uterine or vaginal support. viagra online That said, einstein was famous for his “thought experiments”– perhaps your anatomic opinions will yet prove true. buy viagra on line Louise september 6, 2009 at 9:19 am (utc 0) reply in reality, for modern western women, the pubic symphysis often doesn’t provide much support for the bladder and uterus because we are encouraged to pull the tumm. buy generic viagra online

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