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Will help you make an informed decision when it comes to your health and screening tests. uses for viagra for daily use Consider the risks and benefits of ctc, then discuss them with your doctor to find out if this colon cancer screening tool is right for you. viagra women herbalife Benefits of ctc for average-risk patients, the myriad benefits of ctc may outweigh the risks of the conventional optical colonoscopy. cheapest viagra prices As opposed to the conventional colonoscopy, the virtual colonoscopy has: low to no risk of bowel perforation low to no risk of procedural infection (the catheters are disposable in ctc, but they are sterilized and reused in conventional colonoscopy) the ability to find cancers in tissue folds or above obstructions the ability to visualize problems outside of the colon, such as kidney stones, hernias or gallstones no sedation required; you may drive yourself to and home from the procedure you return to work the same day very little discomfort less bloating or passing gas (the carbon dioxide used to inflate your colon is reabsorbed by your body) no need to stop taking blood thinners, such as coumadin (warfarin) or plavix (clopidogrel), prior to the procedure ctc is used as an alternative screening method for people who cannot undergo (or do not want to undergo) a conventional colonoscopy. viagra for sale The ctc is indicated for people who could not complete a conventional colonoscopy, who take blood thinners that cannot be weaned, or who are elderly or could suffer consequences from anesthesia. viagra effects body Ctc drawbacks despite the many benefits of this screening exam, ctc is not for everyone. viagra date d'expiration People with a history of inflammatory bowel disease, such as ulcerative colitis or crohn’s, should not have a ctc. female herbal viagra If you have acute colitis, a recent biopsy or polyp removal, acute diverticulitis, recent colorectal surgery or a known or suspected bowel perforation, you may be ineligible for a virtual colonoscopy. viagra online Likewise, if you have been diagnosed with colon cancer or at high risk for developing the disease, you may be encouraged to get a conventional colonoscopy. generic viagra canada The risks and drawbacks associated with ctc include: incidence of false positive exams many insurances (including medicare) do not cover this exam you may still require a conventional colonoscopy afterward to remove large polyps or take a biopsy you still have to complete a bowel preparation prior there are speculations that another drawback to the ctc is the radiation exposure required for the routine screening examinations every five years (a three year follow-up may be suggested for patients with larger polyps). cheap viagra online The american associatio. viagra women herbalife viagra without prescription

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