Umor]," chelsea remembers him saying, and he soon scheduled her for brain surgery. This first surgery provided two conclusions for dr. how to buy viagra online canada Handler and his colleagues: they had to remove the tumor and they had to do it without general anesthesia. This meant chelsea would lie awake for part of her surgery in an operation known as an awake craniotomy. This type of surgery entailed mapping, a technique that tests functions of the brain during the operation, ensuring less damage to affected areas. viagra soft 50mg Chelsea's tumor resided in areas of her brain that controlled language and motor skills. viagra viagra viagra trial pack If chelsea wanted to remain a dancer, mapping was imperative. "but we knew we had to do it," anni said. Viagra prescription drug australia "honestly, i was pretty confident. It wasn't hard to understand why they were doing this. " "they explained what could happen. I could lose my personality," chelsea said. "but it definitely had to be done - we had no choice. Dr. Handler said it was the way to go. We trusted him, with good reason. " "i knew dr. Cheap viagra for sale in the uk Handler was an outstanding doctor," anni added. cheap viagra In november 2010, chelsea underwent an awake craniotomy. buy cheap viagra "it was like a crazy, crazy dream," she said. generic viagra online "i remembered the surgery. I've never experienced anything like it. The night before, i shook in my bed, scared they would take my personality. cheap generic viagra I've worked so hard to become who i am. "  before surgery, dr. cheap viagra online Handler warned chelsea and anni that she might not talk afterward. viagra vs the pill During the surgery, however, a neuropsychologist and epileptologist tested chelsea's language, assessing understanding and expression. They identified the brain areas required for language and motor skills so the surgeon could avoid them. generic viagra online "i knew right away she'd be fine," anni said. buy viagra online "she felt a lot better than we expected. viagra soft 50mg " chelsea's surgery had been a success, thanks to a skilled team in the operating room. There were anesthesiologists to manage her pain and sedation; there was an epileptologist who looked for seizure activity; there was the neuropsychologist who looked for functional changes. Best price for viagra in uk Thanks to the team, chelsea could talk and move; she hadn't changed. can buy viagra vietnam SERVICII
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